Steps to Take to Hire the Right Person for Your Company

Hiring a new employee should be something all business owners and managers relish. A new employee who turns out to be a "winner" could contribute tremendously to the company's stated mission goals. At the very least, a good employee helps a business run smoothly. Experienced managers do temper their expectations…

2 minutes read
Competing in an Amazonian World

Amazon is set to buy Whole Foods for a whopping $14 billion. What this means for the future of the grocery market remains to be seen. Will an asparagus water at the gourmet food grocer still cost $6? Will regional competitors close? Will drones drop cookies from the sky? If…

4 minutes read
A Purpose Jam with Wilson Sporting Goods

No brand can truly say that they believe they have their purpose nailed down; in fact, any brand that has gone through a purpose transformation understands that in order to successfully live their purpose and values, those must adapt and change with the business. We believe that brands are a…

1 minute read
History of Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a framework for understanding happiness in everyday life. Maslow, in his foundational textbook Motivation and Personality, recognized a disparity between the clinical psychology focused on mental illness and a pragmatic approach to helping individuals create full and healthy lives. Over 50 years later, psychologists are using powerful…

2 minutes read
5 Incentives You Need to be Giving Your Employees

Employee incentives are imperative to job satisfaction in many ways. Your team may work hard for you, and they want to know that their hard work is not in vain. Nothing can lead to discontentment in the workplace more easily than employees who feel they are doing nothing more but…

2 minutes read
4 Elements of a Strong Brand Culture

What do you want your customers to think of when they hear your name? What do they associate you with? How do they feel, and what are their expectations of you? Branding is a combination of things that make up your company’s personality. It is the promise that you make…

2 minutes read
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