What Happened to Backstage?

“If a guest can see or hear you, we consider that ‘onstage’. If they cannot you are ‘offstage’,” I would illustrate to literally thousands of new Walt Disney World cast members during their first-day orientation. This same, simple, concept has been a cornerstone of my post-Disney consulting and keynotes.  But…

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Way to Get Your Employees Through a Merger or Acquisition

For anyone that’s been around the block a time or two, more than likely, you’re acutely aware that mergers and acquisitions are a normal part of business. For those in the C-Suite positions, these are expected—and often long-planned out negotiations. For the employees working the daily grind, however, their focus…

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How to Ignite and Sustain Workplace Culture in 4 Actionable Steps

Whether it’s the mindset of the team members, the cubicles on the office floor or the day to day workload, that could become routine, one thing’s for sure: our workplace environment impacts culture.  Employees deserve an environment, conducive to productivity and success. Leadership teams must take responsibility to steer the…

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5 Components to a Workspace Design That Increases Productivity

If you thought culture was solely abstract and only something you could influence or change via actions and values then you would be sadly mistaken. Culture in and of itself is the entire environment, mood and purpose of a company, and that can be affected with both concepts and physical…

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3 Mistakes When Setting Your Sights on Company Culture

By now you’re likely feeling overexposed to the term “culture.” Sure enough, it’s mentioned in every board meeting, displayed on banners at conventions and every other article online is arguing its importance. And frankly, you won’t hear me slowing down about it any time soon, either. Most of the time,…

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Keeping Your Employees Happy Without Stress

As an employer, you have an awesome responsibility of leading a group of professionals to success. A lot falls on the shoulders of the leader and it can be pretty intimidating to handle. With so many people looking to you as the leader, there are a lot of people to…

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