Evaluating and Engaging Employees For the Culture Your Company Expects

For companies on the fast track to expansion and success, hiring a large number of employees to see who works out is never the best option. While it may seem tedious to spend the time carefully selecting the right people, it is in fact, a necessary step to finding the…

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Two Keys to Success: Training and Transparency

For some companies, the initial onboarding process is considered the most important to ensure new employees get started on the right foot. From day one, there is extensive training, sit downs with leadership and shadow sessions to give them every tool necessary for success. While this preliminary training is undeniably…

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Employee Engagement Platform Is The Future Key Competitive Advantage

As technology rapidly develops, and more and more companies are able to harness tech to shore up competitive edge, it will no longer be possible to ignore tech’s many possibilities. This is why employee engagement platforms offer the key to your competitive advantage in the emerging marketplace. Employee engagement platforms…

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4 Ways to Avoid an Impending Culture Crash

Let’s face it- culture is no longer a buzzword and instead a must-have staple of any company vying for growth and success. Similarly, terms such as “inclusion” and “diversity” are commonplace with hundreds of articles being written about each respectively- seemingly on a daily basis. What about the steps to…

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Think Hiring a Former Employee Is a Bad Idea?

For some, the thought of leaving a company to possibly return someday is unthinkable. Their intentions are clear and their decisions have been made: the grass is clearly greener on the other side. However, with the flood of Millennial employees into the workforce, there’s no denying that a “boomerang trend”…

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How to Make and How to Break your Company Culture

The company culture is top of mind for most CEO’s these days thanks to the understanding of how it directly impacts their bottom line. The math is simple: happy employees tend to equal happy customers—and happy customers signal a healthy season of growth. For Andrea Belmont, Associate Client Director at…

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