5 Key Takeaways On Leadership

Not everyone is cut out to be a leader—bottom line. While there are ways to train people to develop better leadership skills, there’s ultimately two types of people in this world: those that lead and those that follow—and that’s not a bad thing. Leadership is a difficult responsibility, requiring those…

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7 Cost Effective Habits to Build the Organizational Culture You Want

Buzzword or not, organizational “culture” is here to stay. It not only leaves a lasting impact inside the company, but it also helps to shape the perception for customers looking in—especially while making their purchasing decisions. While some companies hear the word culture and immediately see red dollar signs in…

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4 Keys to Incredible Employee Engagement

Starting a business takes more than a great idea—it requires dedication, gumption and a commitment that often supercedes everything else. Still, with all the enthusiasm in the world, there’s still a great difference between starting a company and running a successful one for the long haul. Gary Kaplan, President of…

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Impacting Your Culture Through Workspace Design

Think your culture isn’t impacted by the layout and design of your workspace? Think again. From closed off cubicles to poorly lit halls, the way your company’s offices are designed can truly stifle the overall success. Christine Torres, Vice President at Colliers International who specializes in commercial real estate, sees…

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Deserving of a Seat at the Culture Table

4 Key Takeaways From a Lifetime HR Executive Some people hear the words “human resources” and run for the hills. Known for being the top cops of the business world, employees see red tape and a long list of things NOT to do. The Human Resources department is made up…

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Discovering Your Company’s Culture in Five Sensible Steps

The core commonalities of a healthy company culture tend to bleed from one company to another. While the specific industry and leadership will shape each culture into its own entity, what truly makes organizational culture effective often doesn’t change. Chris Augustine, Senior IT Leader at Nielsen, says, “The definition of…

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