RXBAR Believes in Owning Who You Are (and accepting what you are not)

Ignite, Science of Story January 5, 2017

RXBAR Believes in Owning Who You Are (and accepting what you are not)

Andy Swindler
Conscious businesses prosper through purpose-driven people-first practices, but many still struggle to tell their courageous stories. I help connect the dots.

It’s rare these days to meet someone these days who doesn’t seem to be rushing from one thing to the next, whether it’s to work or home to the family or out for a drink with friends. The pace of our lives is faster than ever before, which means we need more energy to care for ourselves and others. We are a reflection of the energy we radiate.

HealthyGood nutrition is essential to how energetic we feel. And so is authenticity, which sadly is a word that seems to be diluted in meaning because people and brands throw it around as a buzzword instead of demonstrating a lifestyle of living authentically.

In addition to poor nutrition, inauthenticity drains our energy as it increases stress. If we decide to move through life under the pressure of living up to the perceived expectations of judgmental people, we’ll never catch up or feel balanced or at peace. But, if we discover our true selves and live on our own terms, we can focus our energy and time on things that matter to us.

RXBAR believes in owning who you are and accepting what you are not. “You’re only here for a little amount of time,” said CEO and co-founder Peter Rahal. “So be more direct, honest and transparent to live a better life. Hold yourself accountable. Nothing misleading. It’s our philosophy.”

Since each person has a unique perspective, it’s essential that we each embark on a quest to learn about ourselves. Only through a pursuit of finding our authentic selves can we expect others to see us. We must train ourselves to move through the world in a spirit of vulnerable curiosity rather than judgment.

To nudge busy people towards knowing themselves, RXBAR starts with good nutrition. They deliver several delicious flavors of protein bars. To help people focus on transparency and honesty, the core ingredients (typically just 4-5) are recognizable and listed on the front of the wrapper, along with the main ingredient of “no B.S.” That’s a refreshing approach to the daunting task of navigating food labels with ingredients we don’t understand.


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As one of the fastest growing food brands in the US, RXBAR must keep a close eye on how its team applies its collective energy. Peter used to think culture was just a buzzword, but when the fast-growing team reached twelve people, he realized that “culture is actually everything.” Peter said, “Culture is how we work, how we communicate and how we treat each other.”

They have grown so quickly that the core team no longer needs to make the bars by hand — it’s now done in a commercial kitchen. However, passion and being in the game are core values to RXBAR, so it’s important that no matter how big they get, nobody at RXBAR forgets their roots. That’s part of being authentic.

RX BarPeter told a story about recently making a small run of 400 bars for a promotion to launch a new flavor. He decided to have the team make the bars the way they did back when they started — by hand one at a time. This gave his new recruits a deeper appreciation of the manufacturing process and how far they’d come as a company in such a short time.

This approach has since become a key part of RXBAR’s training process. “Everyone goes through a seven-week on-boarding process and there is a section called ‘Lab work’ where they make bars,” Peter said. “This drives empathy and helps our team members understand how much goes into making the product as well as insight into the manufacturing and R&D process.”