Radical Leadership

Passion March 21, 2017

Radical Leadership

Debra Sunderland
Debra Sunderland is a Vistage International Executive Coach/ Chair, Transformational Leadership Coach, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

On Purpose, For Purpose, With Purpose

Have you ever been drawn to someone, because of their love for life? You just want to be around them, as their energy exudes passion, purpose, and a oneness with their being—even in the midst of work. You wonder, how did they become this way—even in the midst of achieving great success?

nordwood-themes-180852My discovery—when a person is so aligned with who they are and what they do—there is an ease, a flow that flourishes and creates sustainable companies. Leaders who follow their passion to create from within—listening to their own knowing and stand for it—even in the midst of diversity and uncertainty from the outside go far beyond the thinkable. For this kind of beauty that unfolds must come from inside.

And businesses that invite a culture of honoring each person as a unique being with a purpose to design, implement, and share their genius—no matter the industry—the revenue is unlimited, the engagement is at full tilt, and most important—the energy of the company can be felt,  just being near them. People are clamoring to work there, to be a client or customer, and joy is had all around.

aneta-ivanova-776Radical leadership responsibility is taking full ownership for the life, work, and the tribe you are creating. If you are not getting the results you want—look at what you are committed to and wonder about your role in this. Align with your full YES and nothing less. No have to’s, or shoulds on yourself or the other. This is truly radical—to take responsibility in all areas of your life—and not step into others responsibility. Where is just your 100%? Depriving others of their 100% diminishes your magnificence, as you overload yourself and veer off your calling. Are you reacting or creating? Shifting out of fear motivation to curiosity and learning is a game changer for you and those you lead. Have fun and enjoy all of you—as you are like no other. Enjoy your tribe—play too. Most things are not as serious as we think!

My purpose and passion is for you, CEO, and business owner to find your true passion again (rediscover) and build the company that you have dreamed of—connect with me as this is what unfolds for those in my group of CEOs and owners. Experience your life to the fullest! There is no purposed time like now. Be fully you—no matter where you are. Listen to yourself—you know what you are drawn to. Lead a radical life—especially at work!