A Purpose Jam with Wilson Sporting Goods

Discover, Science of Story August 1, 2017

A Purpose Jam with Wilson Sporting Goods

No brand can truly say that they believe they have their purpose nailed down; in fact, any brand that has gone through a purpose transformation understands that in order to successfully live their purpose and values, those must adapt and change with the business.

We believe that brands are a direct reflection of their culture. We also believe that brands evolve and change while adapting to the growing needs of both internal and external stakeholders. Through purpose jams, we have found that companies are able to dissect their values and turn them into actionable items that allow individuals within the organization to live them out to their fullest.

As the Science of Story has grown to nearly 600 interviews to date, we are excited to see the way in which companies are living their values and are inspiring individuals to constantly do better. Through our interviews, we have been able to connect with organizations across the country and listen to their stories of success, purpose, and transformation.

A few months back, we had the incredible opportunity of working with Wilson Sporting Goods as we discussed the power of purpose transformation and the way in which a company as successful as them, have the opportunity to optimize their values to better their organization. By looking at what we call the value chain of the future, we presented Wilson with what we believe to be the steps to success within any purpose transformation. From value, growth, and innovation, to people and purpose, we were able to conduct an in-depth “Purpose Jam” that resulted in an effective look at creative solutions for the sporting retailer.