Prosperity Is Created Through the Powerful Combination of People and Profit

Passion January 19, 2017

Prosperity Is Created Through the Powerful Combination of People and Profit

Rachel Pollard
Media Relations Manager. Sour beer enthusiast. French Fry connoisseur. Aggressive typer. Can also ski.

Throughout both our personal and professional lives, we are continuously faced with choices. Do you take the road less traveled, or follow the path of others? Do you focus on the people, or zero in on the money? While the answers differ based on the individual, prosperity is almost always the end goal. In order to build a prosperous business, understanding what it means is key. Prosperity is more than financial success, it’s strengthening the values and passion that lie within the people that call your business home. Business leaders around the world begin their careers for a variety of reasons, but those who have purpose beyond profit are those who ultimately build a platform where their brand can thrive.

Prosperity is not found in that “how to” guide on your shelf or the inspiring poster on the wall of your conference room, but rather it’s something that must be created within your company, originated in the heart and soul of your team.

LeadershipAt the core of every successful company is strong leadership. However, it’s important to understand that while every ship needs a captain, it’s the crew that keeps the ship running. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to provide not just a job for your employees, but an overall positive experience where people continue to learn and grow, while helping the business do the same. Sonat Birnecker Hart, Founder and President of Koval, Chicago’s first distillery since mid-1800 began her own path to prosperity when she and her husband opened Koval’s doors in 2008. Over the past eight years, Sonat has built her very own empire, growing the distillery while empowering the Koval community to take care of one another in the process. Putting people first—doing what’s right for both employees and the consumer has been made a priority, and proven to be a key role in the company’s success. Through good business practices, Sonat has created a space where everyone feels valued and business can develop naturally. Today, Koval is a leader in the craft spirits industry, making a name for itself as one of the largest internationally distributed independently owned craft spirits brands. Carefully crafted Koval products are distributed across the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada, with plans to expand in Asia in the upcoming year.  While business has grown exponentially, Sonat and her husband have not forgotten the purpose that brought their dream to life: living a joyful life, doing what they love with those who matter most.

Just as the outside of the beautifully crafted bottle at Koval reflects the quality product inside, the values and culture that shine through the doors of every company must reflect the prosperity that lies within. Leading a life of prosperity involves a continuous effort to do more and be more, without jeopardizing who you are and what you believe. It’s pursuing your purpose and collecting unlimited knowledge along the way. The path to prosperity lies ahead, are you ready?