Head of People Take on Positive Psychology in the Workplace

Passion August 22, 2017

Head of People Take on Positive Psychology in the Workplace

We asked individuals in HR roles to tell us how they view positive psychology within the workplace along with the importance of culture. Read below for what they had to say:

Ashley Dalziel, Chief People Officer of Freshii

“We know our People are happier, more innovative, and more productive when they are doing work that taps into their strengths, and when they are contributing in a meaningful way to something that gives them purpose and they believe in. This is the magic combo!”

Emily Hallowell, Chief People Officer of Aera

“Our employees are most fulfilled and productive when they have a visible impact on the success of the business. This necessitates an open environment where decisions are made in a transparent, predictable and fair way, and employees see that change is possible.
At Aera Technology, we’re creating exactly that – a collaborative environment where employees understand the path to impact and each employee is charged with significant responsibility, often tackling challenges he or she has never undertaken before. We pro-actively look to remove roadblocks to change and we arm our employees with the training, tools, mentorship, and support they need to deliver against ambitious goals.”

Eileen Timmins, Chief Of People Officer at Muscular Dystrophy Association

“Use your words wisely – remember would your mother, mentor, or the media approve – and also if you would want to add your Maker”

Zach Rosner, Head of People Operations of MeUndies

“A happy and positive workplace should be the table stakes of any modern business. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, so those who excel at creating it tend to stand out. But the bottom line is that people are the most important part of any business (duh). So we spend a lot of time making sure those people feel safe, are happy, and understand how their individual work contributes meaningfully to our overall company objectives. There are a million and one ways to tackle this stuff, but the combination of simply asking and then genuinely listening — in a judgement-free environment — is a great place to start!”

Anita Lim, Head of People Operations at Drive.ai

“I strongly believe that in order to bring out the best in people, you need to first realize what it is that intrinsically motivates them to do what they do. Why do they get up in the morning and come to work every day? If you don’t have the answer to this, there is no amount of money that you can throw at someone to prevent them from eventually jumping ship. Not everyone is motivated by the same things – our job as people champions is to figure out the differences of each individual. And once you figure out what their motivator is, put that knowledge to good use – allow them the opportunity to do what it is that incites their passion.”

Michael Struthers, Head of People Operations at Flywheel

“To have happy people you have to start at the beginning. Great people want to work with other great people. Then build an environment where they have the best tools in the industry, they have the training they want, and feel supported by the company.”

Christina Gergis, Head of People at Tongal

“For our people to feel intrinsically motivated to succeed, we’re finding that they need to feel strongly connected to the mission of the company and believe that what we do positively benefits our clients, community, and ultimately their own development.”

Julia Villagra, Head of Recruiting and People Ops at Hudson River Trading

“Who you hire is everything. It is people across the organization who create, maintain, and perpetuate a company culture. Hire the most talented and productive, but talent alone won’t be enough to inspire employees and make them love coming to work every day. Hire generous, supportive, kind people and it becomes a cycle of positivity and engagement.”