Keeping Your Employees Happy Without Stress

Uncategorized February 27, 2018

Keeping Your Employees Happy Without Stress

Garrett Penn
Garrett Penn is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about small business and technology. Having taken part in many small business startups, Garrett hopes to help others succeed through his tips and tricks. Follow his work on Twitter @Garrettpenn93.

As an employer, you have an awesome responsibility of leading a group of professionals to success. A lot falls on the shoulders of the leader and it can be pretty intimidating to handle. With so many people looking to you as the leader, there are a lot of people to keep happy. There is a way to keep your employees happy without pulling your hair out. Consider these five tips and implement them when necessary.

workplace designAtmosphere

The work atmosphere has a lot to do with the happiness of a person. Aesthetics play a major role in the way a person feels. Consider working with an interior designer and get a consultation on ways to change the look of the space. Painting the walls, changing the furniture and adding new indoor plants can make a difference. Even simple changes like light fixtures and curtains can make a dramatic impact in the way an office looks and feels. Elements like colors, textures and scents are important to consider when it’s time to decorate a space. A beautiful workspace can get the creative juices flowing and inspire the employees to produce excellent work.

Lead by Example

As the head of the department or the company, it’s so essential to adopt the mindset of leading by example. If your employees see you working hard, they’ll want to follow suit. If they see you barking out orders and relaxing in your office, their respect for you will quickly decline. If you believe in the work you do, give it all you have and allow your employees to see your work ethic.

Work/Life Balance

In the midst of deadlines, meetings and deals, it’s easy for employers to forget that their employees are people first. Employees are people with lives, families and feelings outside of work. When an employer doesn’t recognize or respect that, most employees will only tolerate this awkward dissonance for so long. Employees like to know that their employer actually cares. If an employee is sick, experiencing loss or going through a challenging period in their life, it’s helpful to have a boss who is considerate of that. Being considerate doesn’t mean that you have to be a pushover. You don’t have to be a counselor either. It’s just good to be considerate. Show a level of care or concern for your employees. When they know you care, they’re more likely to be engaged in the process of building the company.

Ownershipemployee incentives

Keep an eye on what your employees tend to thrive with. When you recognize star qualities and strengths in particular employees, give them opportunities to allow those qualities to thrive. When an employee is excited to work on a project and grow, they are more likely to put a lot more effort into it. Passion and excitement shine through when a person is truly dedicated to a project. Be intentional about noticing what your employees are great with and look for potential. As you see potential in employees, give them the opportunity to rise to the occasion and do scary work.

Employee Incentives

An employee incentive program is an excellent strategy for retaining great employees. The incentives should be based on your employee demographics and what they’d value the most. If the company is based in an area like the Washington, DC area, the option to work from home will be so valued as many people spend one to two hours in one-way traffic. Other employee incentives include health and wellness programs, paid time off and bonuses.

When employees spend most of their waking lives at work, it makes sense to desire a positive environment that facilitates their professional growth and development. By implementing these tactics, you’ll have a better chance of retaining amazing employees that will make your job more worthwhile and enjoyable. It may take some time to make these tips happen, but be intentional and consistent. Before long, you’ll be the head of a company that the best candidates will long to be a part of.