Employee Engagement Platform Is The Future Key Competitive Advantage

Culture May 15, 2018

Employee Engagement Platform Is The Future Key Competitive Advantage

Nic Kosirog-Jones
Nic is a senior studying advertising and public relations at DePaul University. He's got a passion for creative projects and social media strategy.

As technology rapidly develops, and more and more companies are able to harness tech to shore up competitive edge, it will no longer be possible to ignore tech’s many possibilities. This is why employee engagement platforms offer the key to your competitive advantage in the emerging marketplace.

Employee engagement platforms provide the digital infrastructure for organizations to inspire their team to be their best-self. When organizations offer these platforms they provide the team the opportunity to use the organization as an outlet to be and become their best. By aligning employee strengths with organizational goals you transform your team from passive workers to creative contributors.

When the whole team is acting toward the common goal of the organization, by actualizing their potential, the organization is in the best position to outperform the competition.  But without an inspired workforce in today’s competitive environment you will be fighting just to sustain the organization. Success today requires the organizational alignment that employee engagement platforms provide.

Leveraging the Tech

As your competition continues to grow technologically it becomes exponentially more difficult to get a leg up by simply improving your tech. This is why employee engagement platforms offer so much potential. Instead of just trying to keep up with the latest tech – utilize tech to maximize the human potential of your team. Because your team will always be the core of your competitive power – no matter what tech is being utilized.

Employee engagement platforms can then be considered a means to invest in your organization’s human and psychological capital. Traditionally tech has been used to create a product or provide a service, but with these platforms you are provided with a direct way to activate the people behind the wide array of tech developments.

Many leaders tend to shy away from the human side of their business – rightfully suspicious of what they can’t appropriately measure. Utilizing employee engagement platforms deliver the solution to this problem – with accessible metrics that provide actionable insights. With engagement platforms you can now access the insights instantly that would normally require considerable planning.

Finding the Right Platform

While there are a plethora of software platforms out there that claim the name “employee engagement”, only a small number do what is key to actually engaging employees: inspiring them to actualize their best-self. This can act as a sort of litmus test for executives and HR professionals seeking to find the best engagement tech.

Looking for platforms that inspire best self is by no means an arbitrary claim – it’s backed by the rigorous research conducted by Gallup. Their research, that spanned years, concluded that people who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged in their job than those who do not. This shows that honing in on employee’s strengths – their best-self – is key to inspiring and maintaining engagement.

So when you are looking for the best software to engage your team – ask yourself  “will this inspire best-self at work?”