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Jason Richmond
Jason Richmond Jason is passionate about helping large companies embrace outstanding culture. He engages with clients by sharing his passion for learning and instilling a sense of leadership and confidence with everyone. 6 Must Do Aspects of Organizational Culture

Louie Gravance
Louie Gravance Louie Gravance is a humorous speaker, writer, former Disney Institute professor and customer experience expert, often referred to as “the guy that can make the ‘Disney thing’ work outside of Disney.” A premiere example is initiative Gravance introduced to high level executives and employees of Bank of America entitled “The Bank of America Spirit.” What Happened to Backstage?

Garrett Penn
Garrett Penn Garrett Penn is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about small business and technology. Having taken part in many small business startups, Garrett hopes to help others succeed through his tips and tricks. Follow his work on Twitter @Garrettpenn93. Keeping Your Employees Happy Without Stress

Ian Miller
Ian Miller IAN MILLER CEO/FOUNDER Brand/Business Strategy Expert 40 yrs. creating/growing/managing Rocketing company and product brands Creator proven proprietary processes Author, lecturer, speaker, mentor Branding the C

Daniel Bliley
Daniel Bliley Daniel Bliley is a national award-winning marketing executive with over 15 years experience working in the automotive, healthcare, banking, sports, and mobile technology industries. He is currently the head of marketing at Passport in Charlotte. Competing in an Amazonian World

Julie Anne Dumont
Julie Anne Dumont Results-driven professional with expertise in marketing, consultative sales, relationship management, and a commitment to exceptional client service. Building Solutions | MyRepChat

Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson Amber Johnson works at the intersection of marketing, culture, and leadership as the Chief Communications Officer for the Center for Values-Driven Leadership. How to Water Ski at 93 (and also … How to Become a Better Business Story Teller)

Paul Dillon
Paul Dillon Paul A. Dillon is the president and CEO of Dillon Consulting Services LLC. A U.S. Army Reserve veteran, he served in Vietnam as a 1st Lieutenant, and was awarded 2 Bronze Star Medals. Turning Your Own Key

Bejan Douraghy
Bejan Douraghy Bejan founded Artisan Talent in 1988 with only a great idea and $1,000 in his pocket. Now he’s proud to say that Artisan has been inspiring better lives and matching talent with the perfect jobs and clients not only in Chicago, but also in New York City, Indianapolis, Washington D.C., Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. What Makes a Good CEO?

Amy Day Keller
Amy Day Keller Amy Keller is a director of business development who is passionate about connecting people and organizations with passion and purpose. Embrace the F Word

Debra Sunderland
Debra Sunderland Debra Sunderland is a Vistage International Executive Coach/ Chair, Transformational Leadership Coach, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. WHO– THEN, WHY, HOW and WHAT

Rachel Pollard
Rachel Pollard Media Relations Manager. Sour beer enthusiast. French Fry connoisseur. Aggressive typer. Can also ski. “I Can See Clearly Now”

Tim Schumm
Tim Schumm Tim Schumm is a Managing Partner at Carver Peterson Consulting, a Chicago-based Management Consulting firm focused on creating high growth, scalable, sales organizations. He is also Founder of ChicagoWorkplace, a Chicago centric content media platform that will be launching in 2017. Leadership: How a Mentor Changed the Course of my Career

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