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Kevin Bugielski
Kevin Bugielski Kevin Bugielski is the Marketing Manager for Victory Lap, a purpose-driven startup changing the sales game. Avid Snapchatter, SoulCycle lover, newfound runner, but ultimately, a foodie. 3 Reasons You Should Work For A Purpose Driven Start-Up
Kirby Atwell
Kirby Atwell Kirby Atwell the founder of Green Vet Homes. Green Vet Homes is a real estate investment company focused on using sustainable building products and supporting the veteran community by providing affordable housing. When These 3 Things Collide…You Have Found Your True Calling
Nic Kosirog-Jones
Nic Kosirog-Jones Nic is a senior studying advertising and public relations at DePaul University. He's got a passion for creative projects and social media strategy. Employee Engagement Platform Is The Future Key Competitive Advantage

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