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Adam Braverman
Adam Braverman As the Vice President of Ikonix USA, Adam is responsible for ongoing business development, change management and overall corporate strategy. His work involves close interaction with the Engineering, Operations and Product Managers to ensure their departments are aligned with company goals and objectives. Inspiring Core Values
Bejan Douraghy
Bejan Douraghy Bejan founded Artisan Talent in 1988 with only a great idea and $1,000 in his pocket. Now he’s proud to say that Artisan has been inspiring better lives and matching talent with the perfect jobs and clients not only in Chicago, but also in New York City, Indianapolis, Washington D.C., Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. What Makes a Good CEO?
Brandi Will
Brandi Will Brandi Will joined York Solutions in 2003 and recently transitioned from Chief Marketing Officer to SVP, Program Development. 3 Tips to Finding Your Purpose at Work
Brian Bar
Brian Bar Brian Bar, Founder and CEO of Victory Lap, has an extensive background leading and training entry-level sales talent. He was the former Vice President of Sales at ThinkCERCA, and the creator of Groupon's sales onboarding department, where he managed over 400+ new hires. Brian believed so strongly in the Victory Lap mission, he decided to leave a great job in order to start it, all while preparing to become a first-time father. Both baby and company are happy and healthy six months in. What Our Economy Really Needs: Better Salespeople
Daniel Bliley
Daniel Bliley Daniel Bliley is a national award-winning marketing executive with over 15 years experience working in the automotive, healthcare, banking, sports, and mobile technology industries. He is currently the head of marketing at Passport in Charlotte. Competing in an Amazonian World
Elle Bruno
Elle Bruno Elle Bruno is a consultant for Victory Lap, a sales education startup located in Chicago. Elle has spent the last 12 years of her career building, developing, and managing sales team for fast-growing, early-stage startups. Most notable is her experience at Trunk Club leading their Chicago team. Elle has found the hardest team to manage is the one at home: her young kids George, Zoa, and Louise. Why Interviews Alone Don’t Work
Kevin Bugielski
Kevin Bugielski Kevin Bugielski is the Marketing Manager for Victory Lap, a purpose-driven startup changing the sales game. Avid Snapchatter, SoulCycle lover, newfound runner, but ultimately, a foodie. 3 Reasons You Should Work For A Purpose Driven Start-Up

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