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Adam Braverman
Adam Braverman As the Vice President of Ikonix USA, Adam is responsible for ongoing business development, change management and overall corporate strategy. His work involves close interaction with the Engineering, Operations and Product Managers to ensure their departments are aligned with company goals and objectives. Inspiring Core Values
Adam Fridman
Adam Fridman Adam Fridman is a seasoned entrepreneur who enjoys the challenges and excitement of startup companies. He founded AdvisorTV, a Chicago-based advice and mentorship community for entrepreneurs, and Mabbly, a digital marketing agency. Simon Sinek: The Interview that Started a Movement
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson Amber Johnson works at the intersection of marketing, culture, and leadership as the Chief Communications Officer for the Center for Values-Driven Leadership. How to Water Ski at 93 (and also … How to Become a Better Business Story Teller)
Amy Day Keller
Amy Day Keller Amy Keller is a director of business development who is passionate about connecting people and organizations with passion and purpose. Embrace the F Word
Amy Toepper
Amy Toepper Amy M. Toepper is a founder and principal of AMT Law. Her firm specializes in corporate and employment law. Amy also heads up her own company called Legal In A Box, which provides subscription based legal services that focus exclusively on business owners. Let’s Put It In A Box
Andy Swindler
Andy Swindler Conscious businesses prosper through purpose-driven people-first practices, but many still struggle to tell their courageous stories. I help connect the dots. Chevy Believes in Finding New Roads
Bejan Douraghy
Bejan Douraghy Bejan founded Artisan Talent in 1988 with only a great idea and $1,000 in his pocket. Now he’s proud to say that Artisan has been inspiring better lives and matching talent with the perfect jobs and clients not only in Chicago, but also in New York City, Indianapolis, Washington D.C., Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. What Makes a Good CEO?
Brandi Will
Brandi Will Brandi Will joined York Solutions in 2003 and recently transitioned from Chief Marketing Officer to SVP, Program Development. 3 Tips to Finding Your Purpose at Work
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