Branding the C

Realization October 24, 2017

Branding the C

Ian Miller
IAN MILLER CEO/FOUNDER Brand/Business Strategy Expert 40 yrs. creating/growing/managing Rocketing company and product brands Creator proven proprietary processes Author, lecturer, speaker, mentor

‘When in doubt work it out’ a simple but profound statement that has worked tirelessly throughout history.  Today however as the world’s resolve is strongly tested you could easily rephrase this as ‘when in doubt fight it out.’

Yes, it is about being right.  But mostly about who is wrong. It is either A or B. All the energy and passion is about the other side being wrong. Détente. What happened to C? What happened to the chance for a new solution? What happened to the opportunity for compromise or an even better idea? What happened to A and B getting together and crafting a C?

planningWe see this hostile A vs. B every minute of each day as news channel rarely report news without a political bias.

And free speech particularly related to racism is center stage.

Do extreme hateful groups like white supremacist have rights?  Is hate speech free speech and protected? And, as an odd consequence, should we remove statues in parks and cities of individuals who played a significant but also slavery role in US history?

Clearly, there are those who want to eradicate any sign or symbol of slavery and then there are others who want to preserve history so as not to lose the lessons of the past. Fueling and feeding once more the social, political, and cultural divide between this A and B.

But a ‘C’ popped up. Keep the statues but change the plaques to include each individual’s role in slavery. This way they are properly placed in history and their deeds, good and bad, are well preserved for generations to learn from. A and B are happy.

Ok, so what does all this have to do with branding?

Well, as pointed out in previous blogs, brands competing in the ‘new norm’ arena of today need to carefully plot their position on social and cultural issues going forward.

This above would suggest a path to consider in accomplishing this.planning at work

It is easy to be patronizingly supportive in philanthropy and global purpose. And it is perfectly fine to invest time and money in worthwhile causes for the people and planet. But at Mabbly we like to ask the bigger question. What if brands decided to go one step further and energize around solutions … C’s … creative, innovative, and executable solutions. C’s that draw from the best in a company not just the PR and culture folk or interns or overworked marketing and sales pros. And C’s that are not tempered or strained through A or B filters. Philosophically agnostic and results driven.

Ok, we get driverless cars and space probes but in some twenty years half the world’s population will not have access to fresh water and a good percentage of the growing young sector on earth will be poor and illiterate.

This is the job of governments. Yeah right. How’s that working out? They seem so embedded in A vs. B that C is no longer an agenda item.

Time for brands and their smart people to step up and put forward real meaningful and actionable solutions. (After all it might be the only way to ensure brands have a future marketplace).

Morbid and dark we know. Sorry but just a bit tired of the bickering and finger-pointing while the world starves for ways forward and the smartest folk are forced to spend their time selling more widgets.

The baby needs new shoes.

We love this stuff. What do you think?