BenchPrep Believes In Bridging The Achievement Gap

Discover, Science of Story September 13, 2016

BenchPrep Believes In Bridging The Achievement Gap

Andy Swindler
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Students from low income families have a harder time getting into college than students who come from wealthier families. This creates an achievement gap and limits who they can become in their future lives.

One of the biggest challenges these students face is finding enough money to go to college. And yes, scholarships are available, but students often need to take exams like the SAT and ACT to qualify. And to excel on those tests, students need to be well prepared, but that takes money they often don’t have. So how do low income students find a way to prepare for their college entrance exams?

Enter BenchPrep, a software company whose Why is bridging the achievement gap.

Coincidence? Hardly. From the beginning, BenchPrep set out be a game changer and since 2009, they’ve been helping as many students as they can gain more access to higher education.

BenchPrep works with top academic testing providers to deliver a platform that enables low income students to improve their learning outcomes in an affordable, efficient and convenient way.

Co-founder and COO, Ujjwal Gupta, a recovering nanotechnologist, says, “the best thing about our learning platform is that it works across devices throughout the world, so anyone who has a smartphone can access everything and a lot of it is free.”


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Through their partnership with ACT, BenchPrep offers low-income students free access to ACT Online Prep program. With 500,000 students using BenchPrep, it looks like they are well on their way to bridging the achievement gap, and Gupta is determined to keep going.

When asked about their future, he said, “If 2 or 5 years down the line everyone is using our platform and BenchPrep becomes a bigger brand name, we might like to try something different, but right now, all we really care about is that we reach as many students as possible.”

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