BCDVideo Believes in Preserving Justice

Discover, Science of Story October 20, 2016

BCDVideo Believes in Preserving Justice

Andy Swindler
Conscious businesses prosper through purpose-driven people-first practices, but many still struggle to tell their courageous stories. I help connect the dots.

Sometimes when you’ve worked hard on an idea or a product and you think you’ve just about got it perfect, something comes along and you realize you haven’t done quite enough. Sure you’re headed in the right direction, but you haven’t reached your ultimate destination. That’s when being open to change and willing to dig deeper can make the difference between settling for good enough or going all the way to excellence.

That happened to CEO Jeff Burgess not too long ago. BCDVideo is in the business of preserving justice so, after Jeff first met with us, he posted on LinkedIn about his new Why: Passionately evolving video performance. It reflected BCDVideo commitment to creating high-quality, purpose-built servers for video surveillance. But did it reach far enough?

We followed up with Jeff a few weeks later and, after chatting for awhile, it became clear that there was more to Jeff’s story because he wasn’t just interested in security. He wanted to talk about how security can bring about justice. After all, the purpose of justice is not to just take video of what happened. It’s to reveal the truth of what happened. And if those videos are to be used to bring justice, then the images have to be clear enough to see what was happening and who was doing what. That’s exactly why BCDVideo makes sure their products have a more defined and deeper resolution for videos.  

video cameraBut recording sharper images is not enough. Those images have to be stored in a way so that they can be retrieved when needed by law enforcement or other security. That can be a problem with the cloud because if the internet is down, there’s no video backup. “We’re big fans of hybrid cloud,” Jeff told me. “We store it on the premises for 30-60 days and then it goes to cloud for longer term storage if needed.”

So, the clearer the footage and the longer it is stored, the easier it is for justice to be served. They had found their ultimate Why: Preserving justice.

Jeff loved it and he’s eager to share with the world that his company’s products make the world a little bit safer for everybody. He’s now in the process of rallying his tribe around this new Why and building a community with people who also believe in preserving justice.

All it took was … not stopping at good enough.

And cameras aren’t just for security anymore. Jeff told us the story of his partner, a major software manufacturer working on the largest shopping center in Cork, Ireland. To take extra care of a loyal customer who happens to be disabled, they proactively use cameras with pattern recognition technology to watch for her license plate number, which automatically notify a valet to come assist when she arrives. This is a refreshing look at the future of video surveillance and how it can be used to help people.


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Purpose in Every Detail

BCDVideo takes great pride in its server technology. Jeff said, “A few years back, as we were still evolving as a video server manufacturer, we realized that although we have a tremendous internal relationship and partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), we also needed to distance our product from their traditional IT servers in the market. Surely, we had done that on the inside. HPE tested our servers in their video lab and found them to hold a 27% greater performance for video streams than their off-the-shelf servers. I think in some ways it irritated their server engineers as they could not figure out how we did it. Yet we did.”

BCDVideo’s corporate colors were blue and gray and they decided that they needed to come up with their own visual product identity to help customers know it was a BCDVideo product rather than HP. As the bezel is the “face” of the server, it was important that the outside be as world class as the inside. “It took us a very short time to find Acme Finishing, also in the Chicago suburbs, whose liquid coating process was a perfect match,” Jeff said. “The color they produced was spectacular, and nothing like we had ever imagined.”

BCDVideo's CEO Jeff Burgess Shows Off Shoe Blue Video Server Bezel

After the designs were complete, Jeff was introduced to a Acme Finishing Customer Service Representative, Yvette Romero. She took one look at the finished sample product and said, “I have to find a pair of shoes this color!”

That was when Jeff knew they had nailed the color. He said, “Not from all the planning. Not from the production meetings. Yvette wanted a pair of shoes that color. Doesn’t get better than that!”

BCDVideo decided to weave its new friend right into its own story. “Out of respect for Yvette,” Jeff added, “Of the 12+ parts needed on our bill of materials for each video server, one constant part is on each and all — the ‘Shoe Blue Bezel.’ Couldn’t possible have a truer name or better description. Last I heard she is still looking for those shoes.”

Now that’s how you show appreciation for your stakeholders.