Rachel Pollard
Media Relations Manager. Sour beer enthusiast. French Fry connoisseur. Aggressive typer. Can also ski.


“I Can See Clearly Now”

The overall search for “why” is a trend companies have been going after over the past few years. Companies are…

3 minutes read
Inspired Design for Society’s Digital Age

In a world fueled by digital overload, what does good design mean? In today’s society, the vast majority of people…

2 minutes read
Inspiring Mindful Consumerism

In today’s society, we often mindlessly pick out our food products without ever questioning where they come from, how they’re…

1 minute read
Prosperity Is Created Through the Powerful Combination of People and Profit

Throughout both our personal and professional lives, we are continuously faced with choices. Do you take the road less traveled,…

2 minutes read