Jason Richmond
Jason is passionate about helping large companies embrace outstanding culture. He engages with clients by sharing his passion for learning and instilling a sense of leadership and confidence with everyone. An avid traveller, Jason absorbs culture from all around the world and applies the knowledge he gains to those around him.


Investing in a “Social Net Worth” With Millennials

There’s no denying that saving for your financial future is important. In fact, more people of “retirement age” are still…

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Ethics Before the Bottom Line: How the Decisions of One Company Has Strengthened Its Culture

It’s obvious that any company in search of longevity and success will always have an eagle’s eye focus on the…

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3 Ways Technology and Social Media Are Hurting the Current Workforce

Technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever before—and truly, what you can do these days compared to 10-15…

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4 Ways to a Successful People Strategy That Creates an Envious Company Culture

We all know that strategy is one of the first steps to starting, growing or scaling a business successfully. After…

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