Jason Richmond
Jason is passionate about helping large companies embrace outstanding culture. He engages with clients by sharing his passion for learning and instilling a sense of leadership and confidence with everyone. An avid traveller, Jason absorbs culture from all around the world and applies the knowledge he gains to those around him.


5 Key Takeaways On Leadership

Not everyone is cut out to be a leader—bottom line. While there are ways to train people to develop better…

2 minutes read
7 Cost Effective Habits to Build the Organizational Culture You Want

Buzzword or not, organizational “culture” is here to stay. It not only leaves a lasting impact inside the company, but…

2 minutes read
4 Keys to Incredible Employee Engagement

Starting a business takes more than a great idea—it requires dedication, gumption and a commitment that often supercedes everything else.…

2 minutes read
Impacting Your Culture Through Workspace Design

Think your culture isn’t impacted by the layout and design of your workspace? Think again. From closed off cubicles to…

1 minute read
Deserving of a Seat at the Culture Table

4 Key Takeaways From a Lifetime HR Executive Some people hear the words “human resources” and run for the hills.…

1 minute read
Discovering Your Company’s Culture in Five Sensible Steps

The core commonalities of a healthy company culture tend to bleed from one company to another. While the specific industry…

2 minutes read
How One Global Company Turned Their Business Around by Investing in Their People

The plateau effect is actually a pretty common story throughout the business world. One day you’re on top and the…

1 minute read
Way to Get Your Employees Through a Merger or Acquisition

For anyone that’s been around the block a time or two, more than likely, you’re acutely aware that mergers and…

2 minutes read
How to Ignite and Sustain Workplace Culture in 4 Actionable Steps

Whether it’s the mindset of the team members, the cubicles on the office floor or the day to day workload,…

2 minutes read
5 Components to a Workspace Design That Increases Productivity

If you thought culture was solely abstract and only something you could influence or change via actions and values then…

2 minutes read
3 Mistakes When Setting Your Sights on Company Culture

By now you’re likely feeling overexposed to the term “culture.” Sure enough, it’s mentioned in every board meeting, displayed on…

2 minutes read
3 Deliberate Steps to Building Culture

They say your actions speak louder than your words—and for anyone who has invested time into building and sustaining organizational…

1 minute read
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