Jason Richmond
Jason is passionate about helping large companies embrace outstanding culture. He engages with clients by sharing his passion for learning and instilling a sense of leadership and confidence with everyone. An avid traveller, Jason absorbs culture from all around the world and applies the knowledge he gains to those around him.


6 Must Do Aspects of Organizational Culture

Discussions surrounding company culture usually begin with a laundry list of what NOT to do from those accustomed to big…

2 minutes read
Being Compassionate In the Healthcare Industry: Embracing the Balance of Being Both Patient And Employee Focused

For so many companies it seems like they’re set on making a hardline decision on either being an employee focused…

2 minutes read
Old Sayings Still Run True: Culture Trumps Strategy Every Time

Though it’s been almost two years since the pioneer at Google, Laszlo Bock, stepped down from his role, the impact…

2 minutes read
How “Shooting the Messenger” Can Negatively Impact Your Culture and Success

As young children we are taught not to tattle or gossip on others or ourselves. As we mature, there’s an…

2 minutes read
The 6 Steps of Creating a Positive Culture

Believe it or not, there are established companies throughout the world that continue to refine and enhance their pillars of…

2 minutes read
Why Choose One Over Another? How Being Both Employee And Customer Focused Helps Your Growth In The Long Run

For some, the school of thought is that to be successful there has to be a dominating focus on one…

2 minutes read
Encouraging Culture Through Accountability and Action

By now we’re likely all familiar with the Peter Drucker quote, "culture eats strategy for breakfast"—and for good reason. Companies…

2 minutes read
Making Sense of a Company Merger: 4 Tips to Getting Both Cultures on the Same Page

Though some company mergers or acquisitions may be years in the making, the truth is that they happen every single…

2 minutes read
5 Elements to a Culture That Works

By now, most companies understand that a healthy organizational culture—while important—isn’t something that happens overnight. In most cases it takes…

2 minutes read
Building a Diverse Culture That Matters

Would it be surprising to you if I said that companies with a healthy focus on diversity in the workplace…

2 minutes read
Evaluating and Engaging Employees For the Culture Your Company Expects

For companies on the fast track to expansion and success, hiring a large number of employees to see who works…

2 minutes read
Two Keys to Success: Training and Transparency

For some companies, the initial onboarding process is considered the most important to ensure new employees get started on the…

2 minutes read
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