Debra Sunderland
Debra Sunderland is a Vistage International Executive Coach/ Chair, Transformational Leadership Coach, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.



WHO ARE YOU? Isn't this the most important question to ask when building a purpose driven company—not to mention your…

2 minutes read
Radical Leadership

On Purpose, For Purpose, With Purpose Have you ever been drawn to someone, because of their love for life? You…

1 minute read
Your Why Matters Most

What is your vision for your life? Have you taken the time to sit with this decision? You see—I believe…

1 minute read
Coping to Thriving

If you wake up chasing the day, your job, money, success hoping to have peace if you master one or…

3 minutes read
2017—Your Best Year Yet!

As I drove to meet the founder and president of an organic craft distillery, I thought about what I would…

1 minute read
JOY—’Tis the Season!

Do You Have It? Joy. Revel and delight are synonyms to rejoicing. We don’t often hear of people taking delight…

1 minute read
Leaders Multiplying Significant Success

Again, I was blown away yesterday, as I stepped inside a company that packages books for children. I was there…

2 minutes read
I’ll Mind My Ps… You Mind Yours— The Shift to Purpose, Passion and Inevitable Profit

Get to your YEAH! What inspires you? What is your purpose? When I ask most CEOs and business owners, they…

2 minutes read