Bejan Douraghy
Bejan founded Artisan Talent in 1988 with only a great idea and $1,000 in his pocket. Now he’s proud to say that Artisan has been inspiring better lives and matching talent with the perfect jobs and clients not only in Chicago, but also in New York City, Indianapolis, Washington D.C., Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


What Makes a Good CEO?

It might seem a bit gratuitous to be a CEO talking about what makes a CEO, but I’m far from…

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How to Hire Top Talent

Whether you need to hire the perfect Project Manager, Mobile Developer, or Social Media Manager, you know you need to…

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5 Simple Ways to Inspire Your Staff

Whether you’re a CEO, company president, or department head, it’s up to you to motivate and encourage your employees. Your…

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How to Tell if a Candidate Will Be a Good Culture Fit

Why has there been so much emphasis on making sure employees are a perfect “fit” with your company’s culture lately?…

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