Andy Swindler
Conscious businesses prosper through purpose-driven people-first practices, but many still struggle to tell their courageous stories. I help connect the dots.


Chevy Believes in Finding New Roads

When Chevrolet Motor Company was founded in 1911, it was a small company that prided itself on designing stylish yet…

4 minutes read
Pantheon Enterprises Believes in Innovating Responsibly Through Conscious Chemistry™

We’ve told you stories about companies that are trying to make a difference in the world and are determined to…

9 minutes read
RXBAR Believes in Owning Who You Are (and accepting what you are not)

It’s rare these days to meet someone these days who doesn’t seem to be rushing from one thing to the…

2 minutes read
AAR Believes In Doing It Right

Have you ever wondered who keeps the airplanes we fly in safe and working smoothly? If not, it’s because they…

7 minutes read
Johnson Controls Wears Its Heart on Its Chest

*featured image courtesy of Johnson Controls social media. What would it take for thousands of employees at a company to…

1 minute read
ARCA Believes in Reimagining Everyday Transactions

Mort O’Sullivan was just 26 and working on his Master’s degree in brewing and distilling when the opportunity to create…

6 minutes read
Pizza on Purpose

With more than 70,000 pizza places in the US, it’s hard to stand out. But Nick’s Pizza & Pub is…

8 minutes read
Zappos Exists To Live And Deliver Wow

Maybe this has happened to you. You’re looking for a pair of shoes, wandering from store to store searching for…

3 minutes read
ContextMedia Believes In Improving Health Outcomes At Scale

Imagine this visit to your doctor’s office. Let’s say she’s a cardiologist who is helping you manage your heart health.…

3 minutes read
BCDVideo Believes in Preserving Justice

Sometimes when you’ve worked hard on an idea or a product and you think you’ve just about got it perfect,…

3 minutes read
Do You Bring the Ring to the First Date? (Engage)

Have You Heard These Over-Used Marketing Terms? It's about people...not buzzwords Engage Yes, this term is used a lot in…

17 minutes read
General Electric Believes in Storytelling

In the 1950s General Electric (GE) Theater brought a mixture of drama, comedy and fantasy into American homes every Sunday…

4 minutes read
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