7 Cost Effective Habits to Build the Organizational Culture You Want

Passion April 17, 2018

7 Cost Effective Habits to Build the Organizational Culture You Want

Jason Richmond
Jason is passionate about helping large companies embrace outstanding culture. He engages with clients by sharing his passion for learning and instilling a sense of leadership and confidence with everyone.

Buzzword or not, organizational “culture” is here to stay. It not only leaves a lasting impact inside the company, but it also helps to shape the perception for customers looking in—especially while making their purchasing decisions. While some companies hear the word culture and immediately see red dollar signs in their eyes, others recognize that culture can be created without breaking the bank. Jennifer Stoll, Associate Strategy Director at Isobar, says that building culture can be done in small, every day actions that make lasting impressions—here’s how:

Make It Fun

No one expects the workplace to be turned into a three-ring circus, but injecting fun into the day-to-day activities never hurt anyone. “We have a small screen when you walk in that uses emojis to express how you’re feeling that day—it’s light-hearted and a good way to start each morning. Other things as simple as bringing bagels to the office on Friday somehow help to make the environment more inviting—it’s the little things.”

transparent workplaceBe Transparent

Transparency has easily become one of the must have values for employees entering the workplace. Unlike the generations before them, employees expect a company willing to peel back the layers and explain the projects, downfalls, and wins to everyone involved. While some may feel that this information is best left to those in charge, transparency goes a long way towards helping team members to feel invested in the success of the company in the long run.

Celebrate Often

“One of the things I love about Isobar is that they celebrate work anniversaries for everyone no matter how long you’ve been with the company—one year or 10 it doesn’t matter, they see a reason to acknowledge it.” And experts agree—when people are celebrated, they are more likely to commit to that company for longer periods of time.

Start Something

Another way to ensure your culture doesn’t become stagnant? Simple—never slow down. Stoll points to Isobar’s desire to continuously implement new initiatives within the company that helps to keep everyone on their toes. With something new always on the horizon, it’s easy to maintain a healthy energy and buzz.

Communicate Wellworkplace communication

Hand in hand with transparency is the need for effective communication from the top down. With Gallup polls indicating that over 70% of employees leave companies due to poor management, it’s imperative that the leadership team works to communicate not only the expectations of the employees but the trajectory of the company as well. With open lines of communication, employees not only feel comfortable approaching management with problems that need to be solved—but they also bring solutions and out of the box perspectives to the table.

Onboard For Success

If you want to create a healthy culture, one of the most important steps may very well be the first step: onboard the right way. “At Isobar, they bring you in and ensure that you have everything you need: training and resources necessary to fulfill your duties, time to get familiar with the tools on hand, a mentor for the first few weeks and even lunches with people to get to know your colleagues better. It helps to truly bring new employees in on the right foot.”

Review and Recognize

For some hard work pays off just in the form of a consistent paycheck, but for others, they’re looking for more—and it all starts by first finding out where they currently stand. “People can submit reviews of their peers in real time or nominate them for awards to be recognized publicly. It helps everyone to grow professionally and highlight the people that deserve extra recognition for their hard work.”