5 Important Tactics to Boost Sales for Your Startup

Passion November 21, 2017

5 Important Tactics to Boost Sales for Your Startup

Garrett Penn
Garrett Penn is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about small business and technology. Having taken part in many small business startups, Garrett hopes to help others succeed through his tips and tricks. Follow his work on Twitter @Garrettpenn93.

If you are running a startup company, then you are probably struggling with lead generation and sales. Chances are you are a founder, but you are not a good salesman. You are struggling with selling naturally. You have a sense of idealism, you have an excellent solution to a pressing problem, and your first instinct is to pitch it to as many potential customers as you can and at the soonest time possible. The problem is you do not view yourself as a salesperson. You have perhaps talked to a hundred potential customers, and only a handful of them have responded positively. So here is how you rise above the challenge and boost your sales.

Connect with potential customers

You cannot sell if you cannot build relationships. When you are pitching to potential customers, do not be mechanical, learn how to connect, establish a rapport, and appeal to their emotions. The goal is not to get something from your customer on a one-time basis transaction; it is about giving something to your customers with a long-term engagement. Let them know that you have a soul and you are more interested in making lasting relationships than making a single sale. The only way to achieve this feat is personalizing your pitch. Get to know and connect with your clients, let them know who you are and get to return the favor. 

When your customers see you are more than just a salesman, you will unlock your sales.

Focus on the problem instead of the solution

People will be interested more in their problems (what you are solving) than your solution. Do not sweat trying to tell your customers why your product is great; they will get lost in-between and eventually wait for you to finish. Rather, ask them questions about their problems, and they will gladly engage with you. When you focus on their problems, they will feel vested in your product and realize they need it. That is how you win your customers over to only look at your product as the solution to their problems.

Focus on value

When selling to your customers, let them understand that they are not buying the product but rather the value the product creates for them. As soon as the customers can see that what you are selling can create value to them, then your sales will skyrocket. The questions the customer will be seeking answers for include does it save me money? Does it solve my problems? If the answers are yes, then you are in luck.

Build a team

You cannot succeed as a one man show. You need to invest in the team that you have, the team members should complement each other. For instance if you are selling medical supplies, you are an entrepreneur; you will need to get someone with basic medical sales training. Such a person will have a deeper understanding on the market trends, statistics in-depth analysis and will come in handy in boosting your sales. You will form good synergy to conquer the market.

Sort and nurture leads

The mistake startups make, is not having a robust way of managing their leads. Big companies will use customer relationship management software that will help them to monitor, track, and sort potential client information. However, even if you are a startup and lack the finances to invest in such a system, you can still manually keep conversation notes, evaluate leads and their probability of buying, use follow up prompts at intervals to remind them of what you are selling and the value they get from purchasing. You can do this using an excel spreadsheet which is practically free. Send prompt follow-up questions, emails regarding new products and other vital information. However, do not overdo it; it might appear interruptive.

Boosting your sales when you are a startup need not be an uphill task. It is something you can do with simple DIY techniques. You can use the few discussed in this article to get you started. However, do not limit yourself to the few listed. Be creative and innovative.