4 Strategies For Growing Your Company

Digital Marketing, Passion January 26, 2018

4 Strategies For Growing Your Company

Garrett Penn
Garrett Penn is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about small business and technology. Having taken part in many small business startups, Garrett hopes to help others succeed through his tips and tricks. Follow his work on Twitter @Garrettpenn93.

Life in the world of marketing and advertising never stands still for long. Your company’s creative routine is likely to evolve drastically by this time next year. These are four improvements that will keep your marketing company moving in the right direction.

1. Promote Continued Learning

As marketing strategies become more reliant on long lists of new technologies, the key is to keep your team educated on trending software. It’s almost always a worthwhile investment to push team members towards acquiring new certifications, taking online courses, attending industry meetups and conferences and experimenting with new software.

For example, MailChimp has long been regarded as one of the leading email services. Current email marketing best practices, however, have indicated that MailChimp may be getting a bit long in the tooth. Alternatives like Constant Contact and Drip provide more options in terms of email list segmentation and marketing automation — but your company would only realize this by staying up-to-date on current trends.

It’s also important to keep team members informed of changes from Google. Both AdWords and the organic search algorithm change on a regular basis, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted that each employee will transition seamlessly from one patch to the next. For these reasons, maintaining a culture that places value on continued learning is the best safeguard against falling behind competitors.

2. Keep an Eye on Competitors

Speaking of competitors, one of the best ways to improve your company is to analyze the successes and failures of fellow marketing companies. This mentality goes far beyond the simple notion of making sure your prices are staying competitive.

The most important aspect of competitor analysis is quickly learning about any new services provided by your contemporaries. No matter how much continued learning your team participates in, there’s always a chance that a competitor will think of something before you.

Should a competitor innovate a new service, your company will stand at an important crossroad. Should your company start offering the service? If so, when? Should your company intentionally move past the innovation and tighten your focus on current offerings? These are questions that can only be answered by keeping a close eye on competitor success. Above all, you don’t want your clients to feel that you’ve lost traction on the cutting edge.

3. Break into the Realm of Thought Leadership

In recent years, many people have thought to enter the growing field of digital marketing. As a result, agencies ranging from local one-man operations to full-blown advertising firms have emerged across the country. It’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

One of the best ways to separate your company from the others is by becoming a thought leader. This is primarily a B2B segment of marketing where you create blog posts, speak at conferences and put together all kinds of content for the specific purpose of gaining credibility in the field of marketing. If other companies begin turning to you for advice, it only makes sense that you’ll see a huge difference in the type of clients you attract.

4. Creative Side Projects

The last strategy for improving your marketing company is also the most ambitious. First of all, think about your daily routine. Is there a certain part you wish you could be doing better? Other companies are probably feeling the same way.

There’s a long history of companies inventing something to increase their quality of life and going on to become famous for selling that invention. Think about Henry Ford and the assembly line. On a more relevant level, think about the creators of the popular project management software Basecamp. 37signals was a web design firm that needed software to organize their project timelines. They went on to create Basecamp, and the focus of their business changed from that point on.

The underlying theme of all these strategies is that marketing is a field of change. The constant battle is keeping your company on the cutting edge. So long as you remain on the forefront of the industry, your company will have room to grow.