2017—Your Best Year Yet!

Passion January 10, 2017

2017—Your Best Year Yet!

Debra Sunderland
Debra Sunderland is a Vistage International Executive Coach/ Chair, Transformational Leadership Coach, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

As I drove to meet the founder and president of an organic craft distillery, I thought about what I would like to know about this female leader who had studied at Oxford, was a professor in Germany, and now was growing an awesome company in Chicago. I wanted to ask her how she was planning to create her best year yet.

Upon entering this immensely popular Chicago distillery (the first one since the mid 1800’s), I was immediately greeted with a big smile and twinkling eyes. This was the face of a joyful and highly engaged president. She happily asked if I would like to start with a tour.

CityI was quickly drawn to the life this leader was creating. She shared that her two young children are homeschooled at her work place. They love learning along side of her. She and her husband decided to move from Washington D.C. to Chicago, because they wanted to build their life in a place they enjoyed with family and friends. They left successful positions to start an unknown business.

What I most love about this is that she and her husband are so talented and they can take on just about anything—yet they follow their heart. They know how they want to live and what they want to create. They live a full day on their terms—taking on their 100% responsibility designing their best day.

So for this creator, she enjoys her children near her feet at work with a possible long lunch. She oversees their learning and progress each day (at ages six and eight years old, they already speak three languages), she enjoys collaborating with her husband as they co-create this family and business, and she inspires 40 team members across the world. She says she loves what she is doing and can’t imagine how her life and work could be better. I realized that asking her how she was planning her best year was already wrapped up into her best day. Her intention is set on an abundant, chosen life. How beautiful to witness!

So, what do you most want to create for yourself today? What is your dream? Where do you want to live? How do you picture your day? You are in charge. Choose. Go for it today! This is your life lived on purpose.